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Waterfalls in the North Georgia Mountains are abundant and beautiful.  

Visit Amicalola Falls State Park, a short drive from Ellijay.  Amicalola Falls is the highest cascading waterfall east of the Mississippi River, with a 729-foot drop, 7 cascades and a spectacular mountain view at the top of the falls. The Georgia State Park offers hiking trails, 78 picnic tables, trout fishing in the stream and reflective pool, and playgrounds.  Eat lunch or dinner at The Maple Restaurant in the Conference Center which offers buffet and a la carte dining for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The restaurant features a gorgeous view of the mountains from the glass-walled dining room.

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Anna Ruby Falls is a breathtaking view of twin waterfalls. Anna Ruby Falls offers a gift shop, restrooms. Decks overlook  waterfalls along a .4 mile paved path to observation deck. Off GA Hwy. 356 N in Helen through Unicoi State Park.  Admission fee.

The trail passes by the two lower cascades of DeSoto Falls and is relatively easy with minimal elevation gain and a path wide enough for two people to walk side by side. The trailhead in the DeSoto Falls Recreation Area leads to 2 lower cascades to DeSoto Falls.  The Desoto Falls are located in Lumpkin County in the Chattahoochee National Forest Desoto Falls Scenic Area just north of Dahlonega. Trails lead to 2 different falls on Frogtown Creek. The lower falls is .3 miles downstream from the trailhead, the second falls is located .75 miles upstream. According to legend, a piece of Spanish armor belonging to the Spanish explorer Hernando De Soto or one of his men was found  here which lead many to believe that DeSoto and his men passed through this region in 1540 during their exploration for gold.
Desoto Falls directions:  US 19 N from Dahlonega 4 miles past the junction of US19 and US129 at Turners Corner.

Horse Trough Falls
Waterfall  in Union County within easy drive from Helen.  Horse Trough Falls, a  70 foot falls on Little Horse Trough Creek. To reach Horse Trough Falls, take Georgia 17/75 north from Helen (in White County) to FS44. Then turn left onto FS44. At 9.3 mile you'll pass a waterfall on Spoilcane Creek. Then, at about 3.4 miles you'll come to FS44F which turns off to the right. FS44F soon fords Henson Creek. Once you're across Henson Creek stay to the left for 0.2 miles to a road-blocking pile of debris and park your vehicle there. Now look for blue blazes marking a trail leading upstream along the Chattahoochee River. Hike upstream. You'll soon ford the river. Several hundred feet upriver Little Horse Trough Creek joins the river from the left; follow the creek upstream for a tenth of a mile to the base of the falls. From there hiking distance to Horse Trough Falls is about 0.3 miles.

Dukes Creek Falls
 Dukes Creek Falls drops about 150 feet down a sheer granite canyon and into Dukes Creek. The area offers scenic beauty and excellent gold panning opportunities. There is a slippery rock water slide. An observation deck gives an excellent vantage of the falls from the parking area. Travel on US Highway 19/129 south from Blairsville five miles. Turn left onto Georgia Highway 180 for 1/2 mile. Turn right onto Georgia Highway 348 (Richard Russell Scenic Highway) for 12 miles.

Tallulah Gorge

All waterfall information may not be the most updated trail and driving directions.  Please be sure to visit one of the local outfitters in Ellijay where you can purchase a guide on waterfalls, driving directions and hiking information in the north Georgia Mountains.


Amicalola Falls State Park - follow Hwy. 52 east out of Ellijay past the apple orchards and apple stands in Ellijay.

Falls on Barnes Creek - Follow Hwy. 52 out of Elijay about 5 miles and turn right on Gates Chapel Rd. Continue on Gates Chapel Rd. to FS 90 following signs towards Conasauga Lake on FS 90. Turn right onto FS 68 and continue to Barnes Creek picnic area and falls on the right.

Davis Creek Falls is on private property but can be viewed from the road. The falls is at the foot of Rainbow Lake. To reach the falls follow Hwy 52W about 10 miles from Elijay to Pleasant Hill Rd. on the left. The falls will be on the right about 1 mile after turning onto Pleasant Hill Rd.

Mill Creek Falls can be reached from Ellijay by continuing five miles past Conasauga Lake.To reach the bottom of the falls it will be necessary to scramble down a steep uneven rock outcropping. Walk downstream about .5 miles where you will reach a sloping shelf of conglomerate rock above the falls. The rock shelf leads into the falls which drops in a steep cascade about 30 feet to a pool of water. To get to the bottom  of the falls,you will have to scramble down a steep uneven rock outcropping.

Directions from Ellijay:Drive on Hwy 52 west from the round-about in Ellijay for about 7 miles to Gates Chapel Rd. FS 18, marked with a sign for Lake Conasauga Recreation Area. Follow the paved road. Where the pavement ends, cross one-lane bridge. FS 18 marked here. Continue to the junction with FS 68; turn right and follow the signs to Lake Conasauga Recreation Area. To go to Mill Creek Falls turn right on FS17 for 3.3 miles to the junction of FS 630. Turn left on FS630 and continuing 2.3 miles to Hickey Gap. Turn left down to the camping area and Mill Creek. Follow Mill Creek downstream to the falls as described above.
Conasauga Lake is a beautiful high mountain lake (3100 ft elevation) for swimming, fishing, picnicing and camping and near the Cohutta Wilderness Area for trout fishing and hiking. Map to Lake Consasauga


Long Creek Falls -A 30 minute hike on a short side trail from the combined Appalachian/Benton MacKaye Trail. These falls total about 50 feet in two distinct drops.  Directions - From Ellijay, take GA Highway 52 east 7.6 miles. Turn left on Roy Road and continue 9.5 miles to Doublehead Gap Road (unmarked at this intersection). Bear right and go 4.85 miles. Turn right on FS 58 and travel 5.4 miles to Three Forks.

Falls Branch Falls, a 30 minute walk, is a double falls approximately 11 miles from Blue Ridge, Georgia. From Blue Ridge, drive on old Highway 76 through Blue Ridge. Turn right on Aska Road, the first road after the three-way stop sign. Go 8 miles and turn right on Stanley Creek Road at the Toccoa Riverside Restaurant. Go 3.1 miles to the parking on the right just past the bridge over Falls Branch, just past the game warden's house. Parking can be a problem so turn your car around when you get there.  

Sea Creek Falls - Located in the Cooper Creek Scenic Area, Sea Creek Falls are an easy walk of less than 0.1 miles. The drive on the road can be difficult. The first, or upper, falls is a series of steep cascades ending in a brief drop. The second falls is also a series of steep cascades.
A 30-foot waterfall with a shallow pool at the bottom, about one hour from Blue Ridge. From Morganton, follow GA Hwy 60 South 17.7 miles to the Cooper Creek Recreation Area turnoff on the left. Continue on FS Road 4, 2.9 miles to a fork. Turn left and follow road .3 miles.

Little Rock Creek Falls -  a series of small falls just before reaching the main one. The hike is strenuous on a path on the left side of the creek and leads part way to the falls. Going any farther than this is  dangerous, due to very slippery rocks.
From Blue Ridge follow the directions above for Sea Creek Falls, but only as far as the crossing of Skeenah Creek on GA 60 South. Skeenah Creek is located about 11.3 miles south of Morganton. There is an old but still-operational mill on the northeast side of the highway. A commercial campground is also located on this site. After crossing Skeenah Creek, continue south on GA 60 another 3.1 miles to the intersection with FS 69, Fish Hatchery Road, on the right. Turn onto this road and go about 3 miles to where the road crosses Little Rock Creek. There is a bridge and a small pull-out area here.

Jacks River Falls - Jacks River Falls is located in the Cohutta Wilderness Area on the Jacks River. To reach the falls drive north out of Chatsworth, GA on  US 411 for 13 miles to Cisco. this beautiful waterfall is the most visited site in the Cohuttas. For the shortest hike in, approach from the northwest access point. From Chatsworth, go north on US 411 13 miles to Cisco. Turn right on Old Hwy 2. Continue on this road 10 miles to FS 62 on the right. Turn right on FS 62 and go 4.4 miles to the Jacks River Trailhead. Trail to the falls is 3.5 miles following an abandoned rail bed.
The Forest Service fee parking area is on the left. The trail to the falls is 3.5 miles of moderately easy walking on an old railroad bed. After reaching the river follow it downstream 0.5 miles to the falls.

Dicks Creek Falls is located in the Chattahoochee National Forest just below the confluence of the Dicks and Waters Creek. To reach the falls go north from Dahlonega 13.7 miles on US 19 to the paved Mt. Piscah Church Rd. (one half mile before reaching the junction of US19 and US129 at Turner's Corner) marked by a US Forest Service sign indicating Waters Creek Campground . Turn left on this road and go 2.6 miles to the falls which will be on the left. Parking is available on the right. This falls and the shoals above it are popular for wading and sunning in the summer.

The Desoto Falls are located in Lumpkin County just north of Dahlonega in the Chattahoochee National Forest Desoto Falls Scenic Area. Trails lead to 2 different falls on Frogtown Creek. The lower falls is .3 miles to the left of the trail head. The second falls is .75 miles upstream. According to legend Spanish armor belonging to the Spanish explorer Hernando De Soto or one of his men was found near here which led many to believe that the expedition passed through this region in 1540 in their attempt to find gold.
Desoto Falls can be easily reached by driving US 19 north from Dahlonega 4 miles past the junction of US19 and US129 at Turners Corner.

Helton Creek Falls  -
 There are two falls on Helton Creek near Blairsville. A short trail descends to the first waterfall then climbs to the second larger waterfall. Be cautious at the lower falls as you walk on the slippery rocks. From Dahlonega, take Highway 129 to Turners Corners and turn left. Continue past Neel's Gap (Walasi-yi) to Helton Creek Road on the right. Once on Helton Creek Road follow it for just over two miles. The parking lot is on the right. From Blue Ridge, take Hwy 515 north to Blairsville. In Blairsville, take US 19/129 south about 11 miles. Turn left onto Helton Creek Road, the first road past the entrance to Vogel State Park. Go 2.2 miles; the road turns to gravel. There will be a small parking lot on the right in a curve.

Cane Creek Falls - Located on the grounds of Camp Glisson, Cane Creek Falls is open to the public during daylight hours except when camp is in session. You must check into the Visitors Center prior to visiting the falls. To reach the falls from Dahlonega follow highways Business US19 and GA 60 north for 2 miles. Turn left at the sign for Camp Glisson (across from Ace Hardware) and go 1 mile to the parking area near the bottom of the falls. Swimming is not permitted.


Horsetrough Falls - In between Blairsville and Helen, Horsetrough Falls is on the headwaters of the Chattahoochee River and can be reached on a very short and easy path of 800'. Horsetrough Trail leads to beautiful Horse Trough Falls, high in the Chattahoochee watershed. Beginning at the trail head sign to the falls follow the trail 200 yards to the observation platform which will provide an unobstructed view of the falls. In the winter, part of the camping area may be closed and it is possible that you will have to park at the entrance to the camping area and walk to the trail head, a distance of approximately 1/2 a mile.  To reach Horse Trough Falls, drive drive GA 75 north from Helen for 8 miles. 2.7 miles past Andrews Cove campground (after mile marker 15 but before Unicoi Gap) turn left onto FS Road 44(Wilkes Creek Road). The road is really a one-way road with pull-outs, but it is wide in spots. Just over 4.0 miles, the Upper Chattahoochee campground is on the right. Turn in and drive to the far end of the campgroundwhich is the day use parking area. A brown sign marks the trailhead.

Dukes Creek Falls - Dukes Creek Falls drop 150 feet with a 1.5 mile hike one way. Just north of Helen, drive GA 75 north from Helen for 1.5 miles. Turn left on GA 356 (75 Alternate) for 2.3 miles to the Richard Russell Scenic Highway. Turn right, go 2 miles to Dukes Creek Falls Recreation Area.

Anna Ruby Falls - A paved .4 mile footpath leads from the parking lot to the base of the double waterfalls and viewing decks.  Anna Ruby Falls has restrooms, a visitors center and vending machines for drinks. From Helen take GA 75 north for 1 mile. Turn right on Georgia 356 for 1.5 miles, then left at the sign to Anna Ruby Falls. Follow this road for 3.6 miles to the parking area.

High Shoals Falls Five falls in the 170 acre scenic area. There are several paths to the waterfalls.  These falls have an estimated total vertical drop of 300 feet. The High Shoals Trail (1.2 miles) follow along High Shoals Creek to observation decks beside two of the five streams cascading in the High Shoals Scenic Area. Take GA 75 N from Helen for 1.4 miles. Turn right on FS Rd 283 at the High Shoals sign. Go 1.5 miles on this road.

Raven Cliff Falls -The trail to Raven Cliff Falls follows Dodd Creek up to the falls. On the trail you will pass multiple waterfalls and cascades.  Follow Hwy. 75 out of Helen, Ga. 1.5 miles to Ga. Hwy 75Alt. at Robertstown. Turn left on 75Alt. for 2.2 miles and turn right onto Ga. 356, which is the Richard Russell Scenic Highway. Go to 3 mile marker parking on side of roadway.

Before you go, be sure to buy a Georgia waterfall guide providing you with the most current driving and trail information.  The information provided on this website is meant to be a guideline but trail information may change.  Be informed before you go.  We recommend the following books as sold on Amazon.com.

The North Georgia Mountains offer a wide variety of activities: